Inquisitorial Insertion Team

=I= Malcancior Precien Kordovius =I=
Unknown birth
Schola Progenium
Psychic Development
Ordo Hereticus

Mystraine was a hive-worlder through and through. Born in the underhive smog banks of Terracitus Hive on Sequellius VI, Helgrend proved to be a child prodigy repairing her father’s taxi. Soon as she was tall enough to drive she was recruited into the press-gang that owned the taxi company. The gang’s taxis were rented by scum who needed a getaway, a discrete drop-off, or any number of unscrupulous things that any legitimate service would have refused. Mystraine quickly learned to navigate the lower levels of the hive by memory, since the smog was too think to see beyond a couple hundred meters, like a heavy fog lying over the slums and hab blocks. Getting caught by he arbites was a sure promise of a bullet in the back, so she learned not to get caught. She was like a phantom in the mists. That was the way she thought of herself until she picked up a passenger at one gang drop sites. He was dressed in the heavy trench coat of thugs in the underhive—likely hiding a stub pistol and some secret pockets for their obscura. This man, however, was far too confident. He wasn’t shifting in his seat, he wasn’t checking the rear window for arbite pursuit—he was just studying her in her mirror. When the arbites did come chasing, like they inevitably did, it wasn’t a pistol he pulled from his coat to urge her along, it was a pendant on a silver chain, swinging freely, but heavy with the weight of the entire Imperium: and Inquisitorial rosette.

Inquisitor Kordovius didn’t so much find Resmir Tinjaren and Yorin “Noose” Fluek as they found him. When employing the Holthsvarian 84th regiment in the eradication of an entrenched brood of warp witches, he found himself backed into a corner, trapped in a collapsing ruin and facing an advancing construct of shrapnel and warp energy. With comically perfect timing, a section of wall and a good part of the construct vaporized in a detonation of a melta bombs cluster. The directional blast ripped apart the construct’s structure and runic binding, untethering the daemonic power, and dispersing it back into the warp. A minute later Resmir and Yorin stepped through the opening, and Kordovius found himself a new demolition team. Besides, after such direct exposure to warp energies, it was probably safest if he kept them under prolonged supervision. Or at least that was what he explained to their commanding officer.

Ulec “The Awl” Sennmarcen and Tollenar Zyffrek – snipers

Lazmarzian Stormtroopers

Bennaren Polth – fighter pilot

The bullgryn Worga was found on a feral world, and not much is known about him to the rest of a retinue. He serves a singular function, and serves it with gusto. Worga is the anchor that the retinue assaults from, after he has melted or ground any barriers to dust with his las cutter assault drill.

Seramie – telekine

Otar “Volunteer” Latham – Made a name for himself in the Urmatari 116th drop troop regiment due to his immediate volunteering for all the most dangerous missions—and always surviving. He was thought a little unstable due to his blatant disregard for safety—extreme even for a drop-trooper. His officers were all too pleased to have him picked up by Inquisitor Kordovius after a particularly bloody raid on an island under rebellion.

Interrogator Karl “Quill” Standon Sythe

Omassan Deathworld Bladeweavers: The slight and wiry people inhabiting the death world of Omassas developed numerable mystery cults. One such cult performs a ritual of purity where an initiate may try to pass a form of trial by combat. These individuals, called bladeweavers, must pass through the breeding grounds of Omassan vipers, where nothing but lightning reflexes and their ritual blades protects them in their crossing. The survivors of the pits are venerated and treated as holy guardians of their respective villages, protecting them from predators and daemons alike. Following the extirpation and consequent purgation of a Slaaneshi chaos cult on Omassas, six bladeweavers swore their lives to the service of the Emperor under Inquisitor Kordovius. Kordovius dismissed three of them due to concerns that they deified him, and the remaining three he added to his retinue. Kessra, Endil, Thuril

Inquisitorial Insertion Team

Hulfsvarian 84th aelkane